Research: Mathematical study on light could reveal the secrets of the Universe.

A big challenge in modern physics (theory) is finding a unified hypothesis that can describe all the physical laws within a single Newtonian framework. It connects Einstein's theory of relativity (describing the universe) and quantum mechanics (describing the world in an atomic sense).

Universe image

Such a quantum gravity theory would include both macro and microscopic descriptions. Researchers are trying to understand the natural laws and the mathematical language. Seeking answers to these questions in physics, researchers often lead discoveries in mathematics.

It is particularly significant for quantum gravity search. It is always difficult to perform physical experiments on quantum physics. For example, a phenomenon requiring such a unified physical description is a black hole.

Black holes form when a mighty star expands and collapses due to its gravitational force so that its total mass gets concentrated in a minute space. The quantum mechanical definition of a black hole is still in its beginnings. But, it involves various advanced mathematics. A simplified model got also proposed for quantum gravity.

The main challenge was finding the emergent phenomenon that arises as gravity. Same like the everyday phenomena like the flow of a fluid. It is emerging from various other chaotic motions of individual fluid droplets. Researchers wanted to describe the actual gravity emerging from a quantum mechanical system point of view (at a microscopic level).

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