Microscope used in biotechnology

Biotechnology has a great impact on human life.

Biotechnology deals with study of living organisms. It is an application of biology and different techniques to change or modify products for human use.

As the world is changing rapidly, human needs are also increasing in which biotechnology plays a very important role in providing solutions for these needs. Some benefits include :

1.Bioproduction of chemicals, energy - Humans have depleted about half of the world's know reserve of fuels. To solve this problem artificial biosynthesis is used in which living organisms like bacteria, fungus and plants are used to create fuels.

2. Genetically modified crops- As the population is increasing it becomes quite difficult to feed them because of limited resources. For this genetically modified crops helps to increase the agricultural productivity.

3.Bioprocessing of seawater to produce fuels - More than 70% of Earth's surface is covered with seawater and it is the most abundant resource on planet. Bioprocess can turn some seaweed grown in ocean into biofuels which will reduce the problem of shortage of energy. Bacteria and algae which grow in seawater can be used to produce fuels and many more materials.

4.Rapid development of medicine and vaccines-Biotechnology has helped in creating many medicines and vaccines which helped in dealing with various types of disease.

Biotechnology has been a boon to humans as it has made our life easier

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