Carl Pei led 'Nothing' announces the first-ever smartphone called Nothing phone (1)!

In a company event today, Nothing announced that they would be launching their first smartphone in the market very soon. They are calling it the Nothing phone (1).

According to the announcement, the phone would be powered by a Snapdragon processor. As of now, the company has not specified which particular Snapdragon processor would receive the honor of powering the Nothing phone (1).

nothing phone (1) launch by Carl Pei
Nothing's founder Carl Pei announced Nothing phone (1)

Carl Pei, the founder of Nothing, has made it quite clear that they wish to become the prime competitor and eventually, an alternative to the tech giant Apple.

He said, "We’re building the most compelling alternative to Apple. If you want products that connect and work seamlessly together, the only choice is Apple. The MacBook, the iPhone, the AirPods, work together the way you want. But as soon as you leave that ecosystem for a Windows PC or an Android phone, it breaks down."

So it is quite clear that Nothing is focusing on the quality of the products, as taking on a big tech giant as Apple demands solid quality. Apart from this, Nothing has another goal in mind. The company wants to create its own ecosystem, just like Apple.

The company claims that the products of its ecosystem would be "different and open". According to Pei, the Nothing ecosystem would consist of Nothing's own products, as well as products of other leading brands.

The Nothing phone (1) would launch in the Summer of 2022. It will run an operating system called "Nothing OS", which according to the company, would make the phone fast, and give a near "stock android" experience to the users.

Pei said that the upcoming Nothing phone (1) would work seamlessly with Nothing ear (1), which was launched last year. He further said that the Nothing phone (1) would be the "heart" of the Nothing ecosystem.

Although not said directly, the speech of Carl Pei indicated that Nothing as a brand planned to launch many other products like Smart TVs, smartwatches, etc.

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